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September 2023 Overview


Welcome to the September 2023 overview, which ends the third quarter of the year and begins the last quarter of the year Q4. This month was generally calm with the exception of falls in the markets at the end of the month, we did not make purchases, but some forced sales that we will explain later and as always many dividends.

That said, let’s now see everything in detail.

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    September 2023 Movements

    Like every month, we are going to split the movements of the month into three blocks: purchases, sales and dividends to make reading more enjoyable.


    In September there were no purchases.


    There were three forced sales in September due to the recent falls at the end of the month in the American market, as we use margin at Interactive Brokers we have the risk that a margin call could jump (something that already happened to us last year), this month They sold the following shares:

    • 5 x Apple (AAPL)
    • 5 x Abbvie (ABBV)
    • 41 x Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI)

    Note: when a margin call occurs we have three options:

    • Add more money (cash) into the broker so the margin spread increases.
    • Reduce some positions (sell some companies to lower the margin).
    • Transfer securities from another broker to increase the margin.

    Next month we will tell you how we dealt with this situation.


    In terms of dividends, this month of September we have received a total of 17 dividends, all of them from American companies. These have been the dividends received in September 2023 by country and ordered by collection date.

    🇪🇸 Spain

    • We do not receive dividends

    🇺🇸 United States

    In September we received +1212.34 euros in gross dividends (before taxes) from our securities portfolio.

    Dividends received in September represent an increase of +41.79% compared to the same month of the previous year, which were 855.03€.

    Exchange rate used: 1 USD = 0.9439 EUR on September 29, 2023

    Note: the percentages above are calculated using this tool.

    September 2023 Overview

    In September our portfolio fell due to the sharp falls at the end of the month and the three forced sales.

    Portfolio September 2023
    Portfolio – September 2023

    At the end of the month our portfolio had a decline of -3.55% compared to last month, leaving a value at the end of August of +154,843.2 euros.


    And that’s it for the September 2023 overview, we hope that your portfolios continue to grow and your investments prosper.

    Greetings and until next time investors!

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