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January 2024 Overview


Welcome to the January 2024 overview, the first month of the year where the American stock markets have performed positively. This year, remember that there are elections in the United States and this historically means that the stock market (almost) always rises.

Fact: The S&P500 has risen every year of US presidential elections since 1928 and with double-digit increases: the exceptions have been 1932, 1940, 2000 and 2008.

That said, this month in our portfolio there were several purchases and some sales (rotations) to face the bet we made to expand MPW (we will go into detail later).

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    January 2024 Movements

    Like every month, we are going to split the movements of the month into three blocks: purchases, sales and dividends to make reading more enjoyable.


    At the new beginning of the year we were surprised by the great fall of MPW, we decided to bet on it at a very low price (very close to $3) and then collect dividends or sell it at a higher price.

    In addition to this entry we have made extensions and purchased some new securities, without further ado, let’s see all the January purchases in detail.

    • 300 x Gladstone Commercial (GOOD)
    • 4 x Intel (INTC)
    • 4500 x Medical Properties (MPW)
    • 6 x Nike (NKE)
    • 30 x Trinity Capital (TRIN)
    • 2 x Chevron (CVX)
    • 250 x Ellington Financial (EFC)
    • 2 x ExxonMobil (XOM)
    • 100 x Arbor Realty Trust (ABR)
    • 100 x Ares Commercial Real Estate (ACRE)
    • 150 x Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC)
    • 100 x Blue Owl Capital (OBDC)


    Este mes hubo algunas ventas.

    • 2 x Blackrock (BLK)
    • 50 x Enbridge (ENB)
    • 750 x Gladstone Capital (GLAD)
    • 150 x Realty Income (O)
    • 150 x AT&T (T)
    • 50 x Verizon (VZ)


    En cuanto a dividendos, este mes de enero de 2024 hemos recibido 23 dividendos en total, ordenados por fecha:

    • KMB $7.08
    • IRM $6.5
    • QSR $5.5
    • PEP $7.59
    • AGNC $720
    • AL $2.1
    • MO $196
    • PM $39
    • MPW $52.5
    • MAIN $120
    • MDLZ $4.26
    • MDT $6.91
    • O $51.3
    • TRIN $60
    • CINF $7.5
    • HRZN $33
    • ACRE $33
    • NHI $23.4
    • ECC $56
    • GLAD $20.63
    • GOOD $50
    • LTC $11.4
    • NLY $325

    In January 2024 we received +1607.98 euros in gross dividends (before taxes) from our securities portfolio.

    Dividends received in January 2024 represent an increase of +51.43% compared to the same month of the previous year, which were 1061.89€.

    Exchange rate used: 1 USD = 0.9228 EUR on January 31, 2024

    Note: the percentages above are calculated using this tool.

    January 2024 Overview

    In January our portfolio grew due to the positive behavior of the market and the movements made.

    Portfolio January 2024
    Portfolio – January 2024

    At the end of the month our portfolio had an increase of +2.41% compared to last month, leaving a value at the end of January of +207.347,6 euros.

    Retirement plan

    For 2024, as in previous years, we will contribute 1,500 euros, which is the maximum amount deductible in the income tax return.

    We always try to make the contribution when the market is lower in order to buy more shares.

    Financial goals

    We have updated the financial goals for this new year, as always we will publish at the end of each month if any objective has been met.

    These are the goals for 2024:

    • Increase dividend income compared to the previous year
    • Reach 220 thousand euros in portfolio valuation
    • Produce €21.000 or more in passive income from our dividend portfolio (gross dividend)
    • Reduce the margin to less than 30% of the assets
    • Set the yearly contribution of my retirement plan to €1500
    • Write the monthly summary in this blog (spanish and english)
    • Update the information of companies already published on this website
    • Translate generic web pages into English
    • Translate American companies into English
    • Add 12 new companies to the web
    • Create an emergency fund of 200 euros per month
    • Publish the stock market schedule for 2024
    • Fill out and submit form 720


    Start a new year with your batteries charged, a year closer to financial independence. Let the ball keep rolling and never stop growing!

    That’s it for the January 2024 overview, we hope your portfolios continue to grow and your investments prosper this new year.

    See you soon investors! Warm regards.

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