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January 2023 Overview


Welcome to January 2023 Overview, we are starting the new year 2023 🙂 This month there were several purchases (among them a new company to our portfolio), a sale (to lose weight in our portfolio) and, as always, some dividends.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you all on the year, and now yes, we can go into detail about the movements of this first month of 2023.

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    January 2023 Movements

    Like every month, we are going to split the movements of the month into three blocks: purchases, sales and dividends to make reading more enjoyable.


    We started the year with a purchase in Spain and several in the United States. Of the purchases, there is a new company in the portfolio, it is Medical Properties Trust (MPW), a leading reit in its area. We will be expanding new positions in this REIT. That said, let’s see in detail what were the purchases made in January:

    • 350 x Eagle Credit Company (ECC)
    • 450 x Annaly Capital Management (NLY)
    • 2 x Abbvie (ABBV)
    • 50 x British American Tobacco (BTI)
    • 50 x Gladstone Capital (GLAD)
    • 2 x IBM (IBM)
    • 10 x Main Street Capital (MAIN)
    • 20 x Medical Properties (MPW)
    • 18 x Realty Income (O)
    • 30 x Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI)
    • 15 x Enagás (ENG)


    In January there was a sale, we reduced a position that weighed heavily on our portfolio, we came out with a good capital gain without counting the dividends received:

    • 1000 x AGNC Investments (AGNC)


    In terms of dividends, this month of January we have received a total of 14 dividends, all of them from American companies. These have been the dividends received in January 2023 by country and ordered by collection date.

    🇪🇸 Spain

    • We do not receive dividends

    🇺🇸 United States

    This new year 2023 we have decided to unify to make monitoring monthly dividends easier, therefore at the end of the month we will weight all dividends received in any currency to euros (using for this the USD-EUR exchange rate of the last day of each month).

    In January we received +1061.89 euros in gross dividends (before taxes) from our securities portfolio.

    Dividends received in January represent an increase of +75.61% compared to the same month of the previous year, which were €604.68.

    Exchange rate used: 1 USD = 0.9231 EUR on January 21, 2023

    Note: the percentages above are calculated using this tool.

    January 2023 Overview

    This month the market had a good performance, and if we add to this the purchases made, it remains a good month.

    January 2023 Portfolio Overview
    January 2023 Portfolio

    At the end of the month our portfolio has increased by +10.58% compared to last month, leaving a value at the end of January of +160,016.9 euros.

    This month we publish the 2023 stock market calendar and update the financial goals for this new year.


    Start a new year with new challenges, we will continue focused on making the snowball grow. This month, if you have read the goals set, we have proposed to receive at least 15,000 euros in gross dividends, let’s see at the end of the year if we achieve it.

    And so far the January 2023 overview, we hope that your portfolios continue to grow and your investments prosper.

    See you soon investors!

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