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December 2023 Overview


Welcome to the December 2023 overview, the last month of the year where the stock markets have performed quite well, especially since October until now, it has improved a lot.

This month we have continued buying for next year, and as always many dividends, now we see everything in detail.

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    December 2023 Movements

    Like every month, we are going to split the movements of the month into three blocks: purchases, sales and dividends to make reading more enjoyable.


    This month we complete the purchases of the year to start well in 2024. These were the purchases made during December 2023.

    • 10 x Air Lease Corporation (AL)
    • 100 x British American Tobacco (BTI)
    • 10 x Cincinnati Financial (CINF)
    • 30 x Hormel Foods (HRL)
    • 10 x LTC Properties (LTC)
    • 150 x Medical Properties (MPW)
    • 40 x Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI)
    • 10 x Target (TGT)
    • 100 x Horizon Technology (HRZN)
    • 30 x Pfizer (PFE)
    • 20 x Trinity Capital (TRIN)
    • 50 x Walgreens (WBA)
    • 4 x American Express (AXP)
    • 4 x Chevron (CVX)
    • 4 x Disney (DIS)
    • 4 x Merck (MRK)
    • 4 x Nike (NKE)
    • 6 x Intel (INTC)
    • 4 x ExxonMobil (XOM)

    How every year end we like to add some new stocks to our portfolio even if it is a small position to expand in the future.

    The purchases made this month of December represent an expected annual increase of +$1,013.93 in the form of gross dividends to our portfolio.


    This month there was a small sale.

    • 150 x Enbridge (ENB)

    This sale gives us – $408 annually in dividends. But with the purchases made this month and this sale gives us an extra net dividend of + $605.93 annually.


    In terms of dividends, this month of December we have received a total of 23 dividends, all of them from American companies. These have been the dividends received in December 2023 by country and ordered by collection date.

    🇪🇸 Spain

    • We do not receive dividends

    🇺🇸 United States

    • Enbridge: $229.88
    • Pfizer: $8.2
    • Johnson & Johnson: $11.9
    • Unilever: $9.09
    • AGNC Investment: $720
    • IBM: $6.64
    • 3M: $37.5
    • Walgreens: $24
    • Microsoft: $3.75
    • Horizon Technology: $32
    • Kellogg’s: $5.6
    • Coca-Cola: $23
    • Main Street Capital: $255
    • McDonald’s: $16.7
    • Realty Income: $51.2
    • Blackrock: $20
    • Ares Capital: $120
    • Gladstone Capital: $82.51
    • Gladstone Commercial: $20
    • Eagle Credit Company: $56
    • LTC Properties: $11.4
    • Kraft Heinz: $8
    • T Rowe Price: $24.4

    In December we received +1607.98 euros in gross dividends (before taxes) from our securities portfolio.

    Dividends received in December represent a decrease of 11.33% compared to the same month of the previous year, which were 1813.39€ (this was due we sold Enagás so we didn’t receive the december dividend).

    Exchange rate used: 1 USD = 0.905 EUR on December 29, 2023

    Note: the percentages above are calculated using this tool.

    December 2023 Overview

    In December, like last month, our portfolio increased for two reasons, recent purchases and the market revaluation.

    Portfolio December 2023
    Portfolio – December 2023

    At the end of the month our portfolio had an increase of +10.16% compared to last month, leaving a value at the end of December of +202.473,3 euros.

    Retirement plan

    Another year ending, this year 2023 we have allocated 1,500 euros to the retirement plan.

    As you can see in the following graph, we have a cumulative profitability of +51.29% since we started it. It is a pension plan indexed to the S&P500 index.

    Retirement Plan at the end of 2023
    Retirement Plan at the end of 2023

    Financial goals

    As we did last December 2022, we are going to review the financial objectives of the year, some were met and others were not, we are going to see in detail what 2023 was like:

    Goals achieved

    • Increase dividend income compared to the previous year ✅
    • Reach 170 thousand euros in portfolio valuation ✅
    • Produce €15000 or more in passive income from our dividend portfolio (gross dividend) ✅
    • Set the yearly contribution of my retirement plan to €1500 ✅
    • Write the monthly summary in this blog ✅
    • Update the information of companies already published on this website ✅
    • Translate monthly overviews into English ✅
    • Publish the stock market schedule for 2023 ✅
    • Fill out and submit form 720 ✅

    Unfulfilled goals

    • Reduce the margin to less than 30% of the assets ❌
    • Translate generic web pages into English ❌
    • Translate American companies into English ❌
    • Add 12 new companies to the web ❌
    • Create an emergency fund of 200 euros per month ❌

    Regarding unfulfilled objectives:

    • The margin did not drop below 30% of assets for another year, we will work to meet this objective in 2024.
    • We have translated most of the generic pages on the website, but some are missing. We will leave this goal to finish in 2024.
    • Like the previous point, we have translated some companies but there are still many to translate, we set it as a task for 2024.
    • This year 2023 we have only published one new company The Clorox Company. We will continue adding new ones in 2024.
    • The emergency fund remains another task to accomplish, we are going for it in 2024.


    Our sixth year ends investing focused on the dividend strategy. This year has gone very well and we have been able to meet again the goal of reaching 15,000 euros gross in dividends. The ball slowly starts to roll 🙂

    As we did last year, we leave you a summary table with the dividends collected in these first six years. They are gross dividends, before paying taxes.

    2018328,33 €
    20191.094,71 €233.42%
    20204.053,87 €270.31%
    20215.706,3 €40.76%
    202211.675,89 €104.61%
    202315.938,55 €36.51%
    dividend income

    For the new year we are going for 21,000 euros in gross dividends, will we achieve it? and we will also focus on lowering the margin as much as possible.

    And that’s it for the December 2023 overview, we hope that your portfolios continue to grow and your investments prosper.

    How was it in 2023? Leave us a comment at the end of the post explaining how your 2023 was.

    Greetings and until next time investors!

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