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December 2022 Overview


Welcome to December 2022 Overview, with this summary we say goodbye to 2022. This month there were many purchases, no sales and, as always, some dividends.

In December we took the opportunity to reincorporate companies that were already used in the portfolio but that we sold in September. We got some of them at very good prices, they are small positions that we will expand, but we did not want to end the year without having them in our portfolio.

We are going to see in detail all the movements of the last month of the year 2022.

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    December 2022 Movements

    Like every month, we are going to split the movements of the month into three blocks: purchases, sales and dividends to make reading more enjoyable.


    This month we went shopping in the United States, we bought many shares that we owned and that we sold in September, we hope to expand the new positions little by little. These were the purchases made in December:


    In December there were no sales, neither in the United States nor in Spain.


    In terms of dividends, this month of December we have received 9 dividends in total, eight of them from American companies and one from a Spanish company. These have been the dividends received in December by country and ordered by collection date.

    🇪🇸 Spain

    🇺🇸 United States

    In December 2022 we receive +1007.92 euros of gross dividends from Spanish companies (before paying taxes).

    Dividends in euros represent an increase of +25.61% compared to the same month of the previous year.

    American companies contributed to us in December 2022 a total of +859,08 US dollars of gross dividends.

    Dividends in US dollars represent an increase of +220.83% compared to the same month of the previous year.

    Note: the percentages above are calculated using this tool.

    December 2022 Overview

    This month, despite the fact that the markets fell, our portfolio grew due to the purchases made.

    At the end of the month our portfolio has increased by +12.61% compared to last month, leaving a value at the end of December of +144,702.2 euros.

    December 2022 Portfolio
    Portfolio – December 2022

    As we mentioned last month, we are translating the website into English, we hope to have all the content in both languages (Spanish and English) very soon, we will keep you informed.

    Financial Goals

    As we did last December 2021, we are going to review the financial objectives for the year, some were met and others were not, we are going to see it in detail:

    Achieved goals

    • Increase dividend income compared to the previous year ✅
    • Reach 130 thousand euros in portfolio valuation ✅
    • Earn €4,000 or more in dividends (gross dividend) from our Spanish portfolio ✅
    • Earn in dividends $4,000 or more (gross dividend) from our American portfolio ✅
    • Contribute 1500 euros to the retirement plan ✅
    • Make the monthly summary ✅
    • Update the information of the companies already published on this website ✅
    • Publish the stock market schedule for 2022
    • Learn to fill out and present the 720 form ✅

    Goals not achieved

    • Lower the margin to less than 30% of assets ❌
    • Add 12 new companies to the web ❌
    • Create a contingency cushion of €200 per month ❌

    About the unfulfilled objectives:

    • Unfortunately, the margin did not fall below 30% of total assets, we will work on this point in 2023 to see if we close this new year with this objective achieved.
    • In 2022 we have only added 3 new companies to the web (Main Street Capital, T. Rowe Price y Kimberly-Clark), we will work this new year to try to add twelve new companies. What we did do is update the companies that we already have published, which are many, and now we will also do it in English.
    • This year we have contributed to the contingency cushion but less than €200 per month.

    Retirement Plan

    In 2022 we contributed only 1,500 euros, which was the total that the Treasury allows to deduct in the next income statement. This year was not a good year for the pension plan since it is indexed to the S&P500 index, which in 2022 had a decline of -19.44%.

    At the end of December 2022 we have invested almost 10,000 euros and it has an accumulated return of almost 30% reaching a value of 12,962.72 euros.

    Retirement Plan December 2022
    Retirement Plan at the end of 2022


    Our fifth year of investing focused on the dividend strategy ends and we have to say that we are very happy, especially this year we have almost doubled dividend income compared to 2021, to be exact we have increased dividends by +96.9% from the previous year.

    We leave you a table with real data on the dividends received in these first five years. All dividends are annual and gross (before paying taxes), also comment that the percentage column refers to the percentage variation with respect to the dividends of the previous year.

    YearGross dividends receivedPercentage
    2018328,33 €
    20191.094,71 €+233.42%
    20204.038,45 €+268.91%
    20215.796,91 €+43.54%
    202211.414,33 €+96.9%
    Dividend income

    By 2023 our goal is to receive at least 15,000 euros in gross dividends, will we achieve it? We will work for it.

    And here is the December 2022 overview, we hope that your dividends continue to grow. And how was it for you in 2022? You can leave a comment at the end of this post.

    See you soon investors!