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Useful and updated information for dividend investors

On our website you can check the upcoming 2023 dividends of American companies (NYSE and NASDAQ).

Note: if you want to know about spanish companies please visit the spanish version of

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    What is a dividend?

    The dividend is a part of the profit of a company that is distributed among the shareholders. It is a way of remunerating the owners of the company. At the proposal of the Board of Directors of a company, the amount of the dividend must be approved by the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

    Dividends are passive income (income) that can complement the salary or pension and even replace them (when you already reach the FI).

    If you want to know other financial terms, you can consult the glossary of financial and stock market terms.

    Upcoming Dividends 2023

    On our website you will be able to find out about the upcoming dividends of the companies from United States and Spain that we have already published.

    To consult the next dividends 2022 we give you three options:

    Dividends by companies

    Information related to the business of companies listed on the American (NYSE and Nasdaq) stock market, ticker, sector and industry, upcoming dividends, dividend history, shareholder remuneration policy, and much more.

    NYSE 🇺🇸

    List of companies belonging to the American NYSE (The New York Stock Exchange) index that we have published.

    NASDAQ 🇺🇸

    List of companies belonging to the American Nasdaq index that we have published.

    Path to financial independence

    Financial independence or also called financial freedom is the economic capacity that is obtained by having a passive income that covers the expenses of an individual.

    The term financial independence refers to wealth in time and not wealth in money.

    We have prepared a financial independence calculator to simulate your path to financial freedom.

    Every month we make a summary where you can see the evolution of our portfolio, including the latest movements (purchases, sales, dividends).

    Long-term investment

    We invest in the long term (more than ten years) and we try to follow the DGI (Dividend Growth Investing) strategy in almost all our investments.

    If you want to know in which companies we invest, you can consult our stock portfolio.

    You can also consult through graphs the dividends collected from our portfolio.

    2023 stock market calendar

    The stock market calendar informs of the days that we cannot trade on the stock market, however, this is not always in accordance with the work calendar.

    You can now check the 2023 stock market calendar for both Spain and Portugal, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Russia and the US.

    Recommended books

    If you are starting to invest or are interested but don’t know where to start, apart from reading blogs and websites or forums, we recommend reading books.

    That is why we have created the recommended books section, where you can consult the best books on financial education, they are books that we have already read and have helped us to start on this path towards financial freedom.

    If you detect any errors on the web, please write to us so that we can correct them as soon as possible. Thank you very much and happy day 🙂